Learn Knit-Look Crochet

Learn Knit-Look Crochet


Expand your crochet knowledge by learning a new way to use your crochet hook that results in beautiful knit-look fabrics!

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Watch over the shoulder of crochet expert Jennifer Pionk as she teaches you the techniques she has developed to create knit-look fabrics with a crochet hook. When she teaches the uncommon slip stitches, you’ll be glad you’re watching an Annie’s video class. You can watch any part of the class as many times as you like until you feel completely confident! In this class, you’ll learn how to:; Create knit-look ribbing, the checkerboard pattern, waves and more.; Control you tension through Jennifer’s top secret tips and tricks.; Maintain a nice, neat edge.; Work common and uncommon slip stitches.; Execute the half double crochet in the back bar.; Seam squares together with the single crochet stitch. This class includes complete step-by-step instructions for the exclusive Knit-Look Log Cabin Afghan.