Knitting ER: How to Fix Your Mistakes

Knitting ER: How to Fix Your Mistakes


In this class, Patty Lyons shows you how to diagnose and treat your ailing stitches!

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Do you dread having to show up at your local yarn store again for a dropped stitch, pesky hole or just general knitting mayhem? Is the thought of having to rip out a project and start over enough to send you screaming and running for the hills? Say no more! Join instructor Patty Lyons as she shows you how to diagnose your stitches and prescribe treatment as a knit doctor. Learn when to “tink” or unknit, versus when to “frog” or rip out your stitches, all while learning to become a mindful knitter. Patty’s effortless teaching style and humor make it easy to be engaged in the lessons. This is a class you will come back to again and again! In this Knitting ER class, you’ll learn how to become a mindful knitter, gaining the skill to understand your work and identify common knitting errors. You’ll also know how to spot a dropped stitch and quickly fix it with confidence. In this video class you’ll learn how to: ; Become a mindful knitter. ; Read your knitting. ; Employ knitting best practices that reduce the chance of there being a mistake to fix in the first place. ; Identify common knitting errors. ; Decide whether to “tink” or “frog” your knitting. ; Properly “tink” or unknit. ; Pick up drop stitches. ; Safely “frog” or rip your stitches.