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RawCraft – a new kind of craft blog – “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow”:

RawCraft Craft Blog - Simone BalmanIf you haven’t already visited my “About” page, let me introduce myself: I’m Simone and I’m a craft-a-holic.

About Me:

I’m a web designer, a self-proclaimed eCommerce guru having set up and sold 2 eCommerce businesses and was a few years ago an eBay Silver Powerseller. In addition, I’ve published 2 recipe books: Cupcakes with a Kick and Sweet Memories. A craft blog website with all of this experience under my belt should be no problem… You’d be wrong…

Rawcraft Craft Blog | Cupcakes with a Kick by Simone BalmanRawCraft beginnings:

RawCraft was built as a multi-vendor platform. This allowed vendors to set up their own shop page. I actively looked for vendors and focused on offering a service to talented artisans to sell their creations. RawCraft also offered a raw supplies market. The unique selling point of the business plan was a Craft Club offering benefits to craft addicts. Hopefully our members would find a craft blog with all the “how-to” guides helpful. This was the cornerstone of the website.

The idea was good and we got a few sign-ups. The prohibitive cost of holding stock was an issue however. Suppliers never had stock if, and when, we needed it. This caused more problems and of course this never works…

So, I packed up the site and picked up my crochet hook and decided to go digital. I created my 1st crochet pattern and posted this for sale on Etsy and it’s done VERY well! A simple moss-stitch blanket in cosy, soft pure cotton was a hit but not quite enough to get me blogging.

RawCraft Today:

Consequently, I carried on with my day-job. RawCraft was packed away in mothballs. Meanwhile, a fellow craft blogger was struggling to set up her online craft business. I knew I had to take the plunge again and finish my craft blog which would aim at helping crafters like her. This time I would focus on a journal replicating what I know and had learned. RawCraft is a journey. Come with me.

Starting out I received COUNTLESS emails from sites that I didn’t subscribe to, weeks and weeks of research later, loads of dead-ends, useless information and and to be honest I didn’t know which way to turn. In addition, how on earth would someone new to web hosting, WordPress, widgets, shortcodes, plugins, HTML, SEO, SEM & lots more cope?

So, here I am, rewriting my first intro blog from over a year ago. Sign up below and I’ll send you updates on each step of the process. Slowly and step-by-step.

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