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Gansey Crochet Pattern Book for the Home

A Gansey Crochet Pattern Book: includes 10 fresh designs for stunning home decor items and includes both written instructions and charts.
Technique: Crochet
Skill Level: Intermediate
Various sizes
$ 8.99
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A Gansey Crochet Pattern Book: includes 10 fresh designs for stunning home decor items and includes both written instructions and charts.

Now you can crochet Gansey designs that mimic the look of knit designs!

The Gansey look originated from the Island of Guernsey over 400 years ago. Gansey sweaters were designed for fishermen who spent their days at sea, so they were knitted with tight textured stitches to ensure that the sweater was not only warm but water- and wind-resistant too. In this book you will find that each design is filled with texture and makes a perfect addition to any home.

The texture stands out against solid color and a variety of stitches maintain the crocheter’s interest throughout the project.

This pretty afghan mimics the seaman’s thick knitted sweaters made of wool. This design uses 2,255 yds of worsted-weight yarn. However, the different special stitches make for a thick and textured piece.

This book features 10 textured designs inspired by 19th-century British fisherman sweaters, and the idea of finding that style in crochet rather than knitting will have you ‘hooked’. But what about the patterns inside?

Lena Skvagerson, Annie’s lead designer, is the author of A Gansey Crochet Home. She is famous for her Signature Designs Collection. Lena has been designing for years, and this is her first published book!

Our favourite designs:

Our favorite designs are the blankets. They are ultra cozy and the remind us exactly of a fisherman’s sweater! I love that ribbed and cabled texture, it looks warm and inviting, especially in a nice tweed yarn!

This book contains the written instructions for each of the patterns, along with crochet charts for those who prefer reading charts over the written pattern. I always find this super helpful, especially when working with intricate cables!

Download your copy of the A Gansey Crochet Home Pattern Book today!

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